Monthly recap #2

The last 2 months have been such a rollercoaster in my life. First, this whole Corona outbreak that took over the entire world. I remember around mid February when we read about the outbreak in Wuhan. It seemed crazy to me to lock down a city with more than 10 million people. Never I would have thought that this Virus would spread like this and and hit Europe and the rest of the world still unprepared.

A little background

When I came back from my 8 months Asia trip in 2019, I moved from Berlin to Limburg. There are not many tech jobs in Limburg. Luckily I found one where I could work completely remote in 2019. It was good, but not perfect. Too much legacy software, too little willingness to innovate. So I quit and started out 2020 with going freelance again. I instantly found a new project and was excited about the new challenge. The only problem was the new project was in Cologne, which meant around 1.5 hours of commute each way every day.

Meet Rick

In early March I was still commuting daily to this project. It is fair to say that this was the worst project I have ever had. They had hired an external project lead that a complete and utter disaster to work with. He was the kind of person that loved to outsmart everyone and liked to show everyone else how inferior they were. He reminded me very much of this metaphorical Rick. Unfortunately, the company who hired me would not see that yet, and instead they let Rick hire and fire freelancers as if they came for free. During the 2.5 months I worked in this project, he fired 6 people, including me. I just got a phone call on a Friday evening from my recruiter who told me the contract would finish immediately. Very professional! Of course I was a bit angry but honestly I also felt relieve. No more long commutes, no more just sitting in an ugly office for hours without any real work to do just to get paid, and most of all, I would not have to deal with Rick again! 👍

Maybe I am spoiled from my freelance gigs in Berlin, where Freelancers were actually treated nicely and with respect.

New beginnings

Because Corona was starting and I was missing the comfort of working from home, I kept on checking websites for remote jobs. I came across an ad for Crowdcast that really spoke to me. This was the second two remote positions I applied for (shoutout to who let me solve a business problem for them in the coding challenge and never got back to me 💩). Long story short: I got the job at Crowdcast and I love it. It's probably the most challenging and motivating job I've ever had. It sounds cheesy, but if you love what you do, you never have to work another day in your life. I've always loved programming. But it makes a hell lot of a difference what you are programming and in which environment. Your motivation is obviously different when you feel what you work on is important and you can identify with it. I really see the value in Crowdcast. We're enabling people all over the world to connect to each other via live video. There is so many exciting events happening, from eco-farming, tech conferences to Edward Snowden and reporter without borders. It just feels right to work on something that I can identify with entirely.

Self care

Self care has never been more important for me. Since I stopped smoking and drinking last year, I work out more and eat healthier. I make sure I get enough sleep and time outside, away from the computer. Sometimes this life feels like cheating, because I feel so clear in my mind. So yeah, I am super happy right now besides the Corona crisis. I am keeping myself busy with work and I enjoy it a lot. I hope you are all safe and healthy out there. Take care 😷