Monthly recap #1


The last week serverless JWT authorization finally clicked. An in-depth blog post explaining it is planned. I also tinkered around with AWS SQS for the first time and I am building a little lambda service that writes and reads from a SQS queue. I am really enjoying the serverless framework and how quickly I can build microservices with it! I'm a fan! 😊

At my client project I am for the first time using Apollo and GraphQL in production on a large e-commerce site, which is really cool. I am very impressed by the @graphql-codegen project, which generates all our Queries, Mutations, and Fragments based on our schemas.

By analyzing the schema and documents and parsing it, GraphQL Code Generator can output code at a wide variety of formats, based on pre-defined templates or based on custom user-defined ones. Regardless of the language that you're using, GraphQL Code Generator got you covered.

It is very handy to ouput typed Apollo hooks mutations in TypeScript and just a huge timesaver overall.


The world of enterprise software never fails to amaze me. I found out, that there is an "enterprise" React server-side renderer called Mobify that appearantly costs a lot of money in licensing. Actually I am currently working with it at my client. I literally can not understand how this kind of business can exist when next.js does a perfect job and the tooling around it is 1000 times better. It must come down to marketing slides and that the people taking decisions in big ol' corporations seem to really have no idea about the tech landscape.

Commuting to work

I started working on a project in Cologne, which is around 100km from my home. I get there by train, which takes me around 2 hours each way in commute. The good thing about this is that I try to invest the time in the train in writing more blog posts and listen to podcasts.

Here are some of the podcasts I am listening to lately:

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Being sober

I did not smoke or drink any alcohol since 2020. I am trying to go for the whole year without it.

To fight these bad habits I started to work on a little side project that deals with getting rid of addictions. It is getting along nicely and I hope I can release it soon. I have constantly new ideas about it though.


I finished reading my second book of Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner, which was actually his first book. I read A thousand splendid suns before that, and it was equally good. It gave me a whole new view of Afghanistan and the culture around it. It was also a heartbreakingly beautiful story about friendship. Not always easy to swallow, but definitely worth the read. Thanks for the tip! 🌞